Gallery Girls

21 08 2012

Please dear Lord tell me I’m not the only moron watching Gallery Girls.

The first episode of the show begins with interviews of a bunch of 20-something girls, some blonde, some goth (I get it Bravo, you are obviously pointing out to me how different these girls are going to be based solely on hair color).

Within the first 30 seconds we’ve heard from 2 of them that they are following their dream because they used to watch Sex and the City “I grew up watching Sex and the City and I was obsessed with Carrie Bradshaw’s life”, “I saw Charlotte who worked at a gallery and I had that idea in my head.”

All of them telling us why New York is the greatest place to live.  While I can’t disagree, I also can’t believe that this is a national show and THIS is how New Yorkers are going to be portrayed.  The stuck-up Manhattan “upper-East-side” girls “they’re all blonde, they’re all in the same sorority” and the “typical Brooklyn artsy girl is red lipstick, weird jewelry, weird clothes…you know one when you see one”.  Well, I know I can’t wait for more.

We meet Angela (brunette).  The Asian model Brooklynite who is a narcissist and wants to be a photographer.  Her doctor parents in Orange County wanted her to be a doctor and have cut her off so to pay the bills she is a model pursing a dream of a photographer.

Next is Kerri (blonde).  Her dream has always been to move into an apartment in the village.  She works as a high-end concierge but wants more exposure to the art world.

Amy (blonde)’s dad takes care of her.  That apparently allows her to “go out and party, meet new people. network and work for free as an intern in the art world”.  We meet her while she’s in a bubble bath.  She answers her dad’s phone call while she is in said bubble bath.  Really Amy?  I am positive your Apple Care doesn’t cover water damage.  BE CAREFUL AMY!  Oh, never mind, daddy will just buy you a new one anyway.  “I live on the Upper East Side because it’s safe, the streets are clean, there are cute boys in sweater-vests, it’s fabulous, the Upper East Side is great.”

Next we meet Claudia and Chantal.  They are clearly Brooklyn girls since they are brunettes with red lipstick.

They knew they were going to be friends because they are “the type of people that imagine things and just make them happen”.  They decided to open their own space that will feature art and merchandise and jewelry called End of Century.  For them “friendship comes first and business comes second.”  They’ve been friends for less than a year.  Oh yes, I can see this going well since they have such a long and strong friendship to fall back on.

We meet Liz (blonde).  She is interning at Eli Klein because her father is an art collector.  She makes it known that she does not do manual labor (or much work at all) and if he has her do too much she will tell her dad and that will piss him off.

Lastly we meet Maggie (blonde-ish) and find out she had been working at Eli Klein and left because he was treating her badly for the last 3 years.

So far I have yet to figure out who I’m supposed to be rooting for.  Am I supposed to like the bratty “Upper East Side” blonde girls? Or the goth-y weird hipster brunette/red lipstick Brooklyn girls? I hope by the end of the episode I’m a bit more clear on this.

We see all the girls going to gallery openings and parties, first at Eli Klein’s show, next at the opening of End of Century.   We can see the End of Century girls don’t like the blonde girls and vise versa.  Ah the plot thickens.

We learn that Claudia has borrowed $15,000 from her parents and her co-owners don’t seem to care about a budget because they are dealing “with like 40 people” to coordinate the clothing in the “gallery”.  Claudia is beginning to realize that she may have gotten in over her head with people who really don’t care.  She won’t fess up to that…YET.

Maggie will be re-starting/finishing her internship at Eli Klein with Liz. Kerri will be interning with Amy.  Still I don’t like any of them.  Let’s see how this unfolds.



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