Merry Throwback Christmas

27 12 2012

I just discovered that you can watch throwback episodes of The Challenge on MTV On Demand.  It’s like Christmas came late.  I’m currently re-watching Cutthroat from 2010.  Super excited.


Now if only I could watch OLD seasons of Real World and Road Rules.  I’m talking RW Boston, Seattle, New York.

Now THAT would be like Christmas, New Years and July 4th.


Teen Trainwreck

7 12 2012

Growing up my parents didn’t believe in having cable.  I feel that as a child I was seriously under privileged.  No Clarissa Explains It All, no You Can’t Do That on Television, no Legends of the Hidden Temple…and no Real World, no Road Rules, no Nickelodeon, no MTV, no VH1.  I believe this is why I’m attracted to such garbage TV.  I got to college and soaked it in.  I tried to catch up on all the seasons of Real World I missed.  I ate, breathed and slept MTV. 


Now as adult I can’t help but still love the trash.  However, I have to draw the line somewhere and that somewhere is Teen Mom 2.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the girls of Teen Mom…Maci, Farrah, Catelynn, even Amber in all her domestically abusive, drug addicted, jailbird glory.  I feel like these girls are at least trying to better their lives and their children’s lives.  They are going to school, getting degrees, trying to raise their children the best they can.  The ladies of Teen Mom 2 apparently missed the memo on attempting to better their children’s lives.  Each one of them dumber than the next…and none of them seem to give much of a damn about what happens to their children.  I literally can’t stomach watching it.  I cringe every time I see one of their kids cry or have to listen to these girls yell and scream.


All I really want is for MTV to do a Where Are They Now with the kids of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2. 


7 12 2012

Reason #27 why The Graham Norton show is hilarious – the game “Gay or European”

Gallery Girls

21 08 2012

Please dear Lord tell me I’m not the only moron watching Gallery Girls.

The first episode of the show begins with interviews of a bunch of 20-something girls, some blonde, some goth (I get it Bravo, you are obviously pointing out to me how different these girls are going to be based solely on hair color).

Within the first 30 seconds we’ve heard from 2 of them that they are following their dream because they used to watch Sex and the City “I grew up watching Sex and the City and I was obsessed with Carrie Bradshaw’s life”, “I saw Charlotte who worked at a gallery and I had that idea in my head.”

All of them telling us why New York is the greatest place to live.  While I can’t disagree, I also can’t believe that this is a national show and THIS is how New Yorkers are going to be portrayed.  The stuck-up Manhattan “upper-East-side” girls “they’re all blonde, they’re all in the same sorority” and the “typical Brooklyn artsy girl is red lipstick, weird jewelry, weird clothes…you know one when you see one”.  Well, I know I can’t wait for more.

We meet Angela (brunette).  The Asian model Brooklynite who is a narcissist and wants to be a photographer.  Her doctor parents in Orange County wanted her to be a doctor and have cut her off so to pay the bills she is a model pursing a dream of a photographer.

Next is Kerri (blonde).  Her dream has always been to move into an apartment in the village.  She works as a high-end concierge but wants more exposure to the art world.

Amy (blonde)’s dad takes care of her.  That apparently allows her to “go out and party, meet new people. network and work for free as an intern in the art world”.  We meet her while she’s in a bubble bath.  She answers her dad’s phone call while she is in said bubble bath.  Really Amy?  I am positive your Apple Care doesn’t cover water damage.  BE CAREFUL AMY!  Oh, never mind, daddy will just buy you a new one anyway.  “I live on the Upper East Side because it’s safe, the streets are clean, there are cute boys in sweater-vests, it’s fabulous, the Upper East Side is great.”

Next we meet Claudia and Chantal.  They are clearly Brooklyn girls since they are brunettes with red lipstick.

They knew they were going to be friends because they are “the type of people that imagine things and just make them happen”.  They decided to open their own space that will feature art and merchandise and jewelry called End of Century.  For them “friendship comes first and business comes second.”  They’ve been friends for less than a year.  Oh yes, I can see this going well since they have such a long and strong friendship to fall back on.

We meet Liz (blonde).  She is interning at Eli Klein because her father is an art collector.  She makes it known that she does not do manual labor (or much work at all) and if he has her do too much she will tell her dad and that will piss him off.

Lastly we meet Maggie (blonde-ish) and find out she had been working at Eli Klein and left because he was treating her badly for the last 3 years.

So far I have yet to figure out who I’m supposed to be rooting for.  Am I supposed to like the bratty “Upper East Side” blonde girls? Or the goth-y weird hipster brunette/red lipstick Brooklyn girls? I hope by the end of the episode I’m a bit more clear on this.

We see all the girls going to gallery openings and parties, first at Eli Klein’s show, next at the opening of End of Century.   We can see the End of Century girls don’t like the blonde girls and vise versa.  Ah the plot thickens.

We learn that Claudia has borrowed $15,000 from her parents and her co-owners don’t seem to care about a budget because they are dealing “with like 40 people” to coordinate the clothing in the “gallery”.  Claudia is beginning to realize that she may have gotten in over her head with people who really don’t care.  She won’t fess up to that…YET.

Maggie will be re-starting/finishing her internship at Eli Klein with Liz. Kerri will be interning with Amy.  Still I don’t like any of them.  Let’s see how this unfolds.

Back again

20 08 2012

Here I am…back again.


I abandoned this blog to focus on work, life, have a baby…ya know, no biggie.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to start up again and how to just jump in with two feet.  I realized I can’t so much just jump in, but I can start taking baby steps.  Currently I am unemployed due to some delightful layoffs at my job and my awesome child is spending his days in daycare while I look for employment and watch terrible TV.  Which is what brings me to this wonderful little blog.
I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to figure out my next step, analyzing what I like to do and all that jazz and I’ve come to the conclusion that I love watching trash TV… so why not spend the spare time that I have doing that and writing about it.


So here goes.  I can’t say that my posts will always make sense or be the cheeky, amusing pieces of literary art that I hope for…but I’ll certainly try.

The Challenge Rivals: The Jungle

24 03 2011

For some reason, I had the urge yesterday to go on Wikipedia and check to see if there’s a new Challenge (what used to be known as Real World/Road Rules Challenge) on tap.  Imagine my delight when I came across The Challenge Rivals: The Jungle.

Here’s the Wikipedia description:

The Challenge Rivals: The Jungle[2] is the upcoming twenty-first season of the MTV reality television game show, The Challenge, and follows Cutthroat. It will take place in Costa Rica and Argentina, with a format that is currently unknown, featuring former cast members from MTV’s The Real World, Fresh Meat, Fresh Meat II and the Spring Break Challenge competing. This will mark the first season of The Challenge to not feature a castmember from any season of the cancelled series, Road Rules. The season will premiere later in 2011.

They also has included a summary of the cast which has since been removed…

However, through my craftiness (or the References link) I found what is rumored to be the cast.

Aneesa Ferreira, Real World: Chicago
Camila Nakagawa, Spring Break Challenge
Cara Maria Sorbello, Fresh Meat II
Evelyn Smith, Fresh Meat
Jasmine Reynaud, Real World: Cancun
Jenn Grijalva, Real World: Denver
Jonna Mannion, Real World: Cancun
Katelynn Cusanelli, Real World: Brooklyn
Laurel Stucky, Fresh Meat II
Mandi Moyer, Fresh Meat II
Paula Meronek, Real World: Key West
Robin Hibbard, Real World: San Diego
Sarah Rice, Real World: Brooklyn
Theresa Gonzalez, Fresh Meat II

Adam King, Real World: Paris
Adam Royer, Real World: Las Vegas (2011)
Brandon Nelson, Fresh Meat II
Chris “CT” Tamburello, Real World: Paris
Davis Mallory, Real World: Denver
Evan Starkman, Fresh Meat
John Devenanzio, Real World: Key West
Kenny Santucci, Fresh Meat
Leroy Garrett, Real World: Las Vegas (2011)
Michael Ross, Real World: Las Vegas (2011)
Nehemiah Clark, Real World: Austin
Ty Ruff, Real World: DC
Tyler Duckworth, Real World: Key West
Tyrie Ballard, Real World: Denver
Wes Bergmann, Real World: Austin

And it will be hosted by none other than TJ Lavin!!!!

There are so many things that excite me about this.

Several months ago Bill Simmons had TJ Lavin on an episode of the BS Report.  During that episode Bill suggested to TJ the perfect season premise… The Challenge Frienenemies.  Basically players would be paired with their rival on the show.  For instance Kenny and Wes, Johnny Bananas and Paula…you get the idea and together they would have to get each other to the final.  TJ loved the idea and told Bill that he would pitch it to the producers.  My hope is that The Challenge Rivals is just that.  A girl can dream.

Now to discuss some of these cast-mates…
Clearly having the Evan/Kenny/Johnny trio is always a treat, especially when Wes is also on the season.
One of my big questions is how much extra did they have to pay Adam to be on the same season as CT?  I mean CT legitimately tried to murder him.  I just wonder what the value of Adam’s life was to MTV (and to Adam).
And do we really need 3 people from Real World Vegas?  I know the Real World is only in existence to feed into the Challenges, but I’ve been watching the season (I’ll get into it in another post) and maybe 1 of the 3 of these guys stands a chance of lasting longer than episode three.
The females are seriously lacking.  I’m SO over Laurel.  She talks a huge game and isn’t that big and bad to support it.  And combining her, Sarah and Ev is like having the 3 Stooges of Annoying hanging around the house making nasty comments and bringing nothing to the table.
I’m glad both Aneesa and Robin are back, though I keep wondering just how old these chicks are at this point.  And maybe, just maybe those 2 can pair up with Jenn and Paula and actually make a decent girls alliance.  Though I doubt those 4 brains together could come up with that.
And would it really be so much to ask for them to get Mike the Miz and Coral back?!?!


Obviously I’m a little bit obsessed.  My prediction is that this will premiere in the fall after Real World XXV has ended for about 3 weeks.  I’m still holding onto the hope that in about a year the cast of the Jersey Shore can join the Challenges.  Again, a girl can dream.

Stay tuned.

Back from Hiatus

24 03 2011

It seems I’ve slipped off the planet for a minute and wasn’t really keeping up with my pop-culture duties.  I apologize and I’m back with remote and DVR blazing.  I’ve been watching and I’m ready to comment.


Watching right now:

Bad Girls Club

My Life as Liz

Read World XXV: Las Vegas

Glee (which just finished)


Top Chef All Stars


And of course I dabble in the Real Housewives and many other random shows whenever I can.


I’m back bitches…you ready?