Gossip No More

3 11 2010

Gossip Girl was one of my favorite guilty pleasure/brain candy shows.  then last season we were tossed around a terrible plots such as Chuck’s mother’s reappearance, Serena’s father’s reappearance, Jenny’s drug-dealer boyfriend, and most of the kids now in college.  It got super lame super fast and I began to lose interest.  The only thing keeping my attention was the nymag.com recap on Mondays providing points for real vs fake.  This season started and I had lost all desire to even bother. No racy posters, no big promos…


At times I sort of miss my Upper East Side friends. I imagine one lazy snowed in weekend I will attempt a marathon, but for now I bid GG au revoir with an xoxo.


So the question burns (ok, not really burns since no one actually reads this blog) what am I watching? Really more like what am I DVRing?

Bad Girls Club. It’s still terribly phenomenal and sadly will be ending next week.  But thankfully will be followed by what I assume will be a whore-tastic reunion.

The Challenge: Cutthroat. I love all the Real World/Road Rules Challenges. I coudln’t be happier that TJ Lavin is out of his coma and will still be available to host these thin slices of heaven.

Parenthood. Just good old fashion family show. And I love it.  What? They can’t all be horrible shows.

Modern Family. Absolutely the best.

Glee. Gleek all the way. Which reminds me, stay tuned for a post re: Rocky Horror Glee Show.  I have a feeling Richard O’Brien cringed as much as I did.

The World of Jenks.

Chelsea Lately. A girl’s gotta keep up with her gossip.


Tell me some shows I should be watching and I’ll give them a shot!



22 09 2010

It’s official, all The Rachel Zoe Project episodes have been deleted from my DVR and the scheduled recordings has been canceled.  Sorry Rachel, we’re over.

Bye Rachel and Brad


10 09 2010

I have a filthy mouth.  I curse as if I was getting paid by the four-letter word (and double if I string together a few in a creative manner) but never have I heard the word “Bitch” uttered quite so many times as it’s said on The Bad Girls Club.  I love The Bad Girls Club.  I’ve watched every season and look forward to it as if it’s the Peanut Butter M&Ms of my brain candy…not your typical choice, but if someone put them out at a party you’d happily dig in without the slightest bit of remorse.  It’s truly trash.  Jonathan Murray (of Murray/Bunim creations…incredible gems like Real World, Road Rules and The Challenges – NEW CHALLENGE STARTS OCTOBER 6TH! SET YOUR DVR NOW!) has put 7 strangers (not a novel idea) in a house…this time only girls that are self-proclaimed “bad girls”.  They like to drink (again not new to Mr. Murray), have sex (do we see a pattern?) and fight (how could I not love it? it’s Real World only the trashier – if that’s possible – version). Oh, and the best part…it’s on Oxygen.  Yeah, forget MTV, VH1, Bravo…this is craptastic Oxygen, home of Dance Your Ass Off and Tori & Deen Home Sweet Hollywood.

I feel that being a loyal Bad Girls Club watcher sort of gives me street cred.  I mean this is one of the lowest of the lows.  This show is worse than if a Kardashian was on the Bachelorette and then appeared on Bachelor Pad.  I love it for all of it’s ass-smacking, boobie-flashing, shit-talking elements…it’s like a wadded-up pair of underwear under the bed in the Smush Room at the Jersey Shore.  It’s disgusting, but you want to know why it’s there.

I had been saving up my episodes of Bad Girls Club on my DVR.  Clearly I had to make sure all my vaccinations were in order since watching one episode is guaranteed to give you clamidia, and I was preparing to watch six.  What an incredibly awesome few days I had.  Let me say, the girls aren’t any badder or bitchier than any other season.  In fact, if you created a Challenge, ala RW/RR Challenge, the girls this season wouldn’t stand a chance of kicking the asses of season 2’s Tanisha, Neveen, Lyric and Jennavecia.  Even the Ambers of season 3 could take them.  Regardless, this season we’ve got these lovelies in Miami ready for action.  They curse, they fight and Brandi (who is shockingly a stripper) breaks shit…EVERY EPISODE.  But, I must hand it to this season for having the first castmate kick down the faux wall in order to start some trouble with production.  Producers came flying from every direction to grab her and sweep her out into the white van never to be heard from again.  I may have a slight girl crush on Lea, the punk chick who seems nearly normal, yet obviously isn’t for being on the show.  These ladies have captured my attention and my love and have solidified their time-slot in my DVR.

The next episode on the docket brings the lovelies and their venereal diseases to where?  That’s right, Hedonism 2 in Jamaica.  I couldn’t be more tickled.  They have so many opportunities to fuck bitches up, drink themselves into oblivion and contaminate their va-jay-jays like never before.  Set your watch, this may be appointment television.

There is one things that I’m afraid will disappoint me…these girls are Bad Girling it up in Miami…and if by the end of the season one of them hasn’t hooked up with one of the cast members of the Jersey Shore I will forever feel that a huge crossover opportunity was missed.

“Right In The Kisser”

8 09 2010

I don’t watch The Amazing Race… but I might start if I was guaranteed something like this every episode:

“I Die”

1 09 2010

And apparently so has the Rachel Zoe Project.  It’s practically on life-support.  I used to race home to catch this show, basking in the wonder of the amazing dresses, Taylor’s crazy bangs and Rachel’s new uses of ordinary words.  At that time I was roughly 2 episodes away from over enunciating my words and only wearing cocktail rings while carrying tiny clutches.

Now getting through an episode is difficult.  Taylor may have been stealing money and dresses from the “Zoe”s, but apparently she also stole the plotlines and interest.  Now the episodes consist of Brad attempting to be amusing, Rachel bugging out about something, and any number of random celebrity appearances.  Oh, and lest I forget some type of reason to prove how heterosexual Rodger actually is.  Here he is watching football, here he is drinking a beer with friends, here he is holding a baby.  Ok, I get it, you guys want me to think he’s straight.  Perhaps the first step should be to remove the SCARF!  I have a husband, and I can barely get him to wear a scarf when it’s blisteringly cold, I certainly would never be able to convince him to wear one with jeans, a t-shirt and an asymmetrically zippered sweatshirt.  Not to mention that my husband wouldn’t know what an asymmetrical zippered sweatshirt was if it was decorated as a Red Sox jersey.  Don’t get me started on Rodger’s perfectly arched eyebrows.

Back to the boredom that is the Rachel Zoe Project…unless something more entertaining happens it doesn’t matter how many celebrities she brings on, how many times she says “BA-nanas”, or how insanely high her heels become…I’m giving Rachel and crew one more episode before they are removed on my DVR and replaced with Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch.

Looks Like We Have A Situation

31 08 2010

I’m a giant pop-culture nerd. I love TV, especially if it’s really bad, truly terrible reality TV.  I love me some Jersey Shore, Real World/Road Rules Challenge, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, Bad Girls Club…the more awkward, terrible, outrageous the more I love love love it!  I do have my standards though – I refuse to watch any of the Kardashians or any show where someone receives a rose. But if someone is hooked on drugs (including steroids – hence the love for Jersey Shore and The Challenges) I’m all about it.

I work in advertising, but my true love is TV.  I’ve been thinking, if only I could harness my love and stupid knowledge of TV and pop-culture and create something awesome that I could share with…well probably no one.  But hey, it’s worth a shot.  So enjoy. And if you like what I have to say, well, let me know – and maybe tell somebody else about it.

XOXO Gossip Girl…AS IF! Only in my Upper East Side dreams.